Specialty Pharmacy Technicians

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If pharmacists are considered as one of the main pillars of healthcare, a huge credit goes to their team which is primarily made by pharmacy technicians. Today, the times are tough and pharmacy technicians are finding it difficult to find full time positions in traditional community pharmacies.

Pharmacist4u has worked hard to develop the first ever “Certification Course in Specialty Pharmacy” for pharmacy technicians. Yes, you heard it right! Specialty pharmacy is the future and is a multi-billion dollar market which has just been introduced to patients, providers and other players in the gigantic health care industry. More and more community pharmacies, health systems and academic systems are opening their own Specialty pharmacies because of its enormous scope in terms of patient care and thus, the revenue. 340B is a huge potential for these institutions to bank huge profits coming out of sales of Specialty drugs.

Pharmacist4u (also known by its brand, Glucocious), known for educating, coaching and developing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians for over a decade has developed a state of the art certification course where pharmacy techs will get to learn everything about Specialty pharmacy operations-Intake process, fundamental knowledge about complex and chronic disease states, Specialty drugs-indications and side effects, third party billing, dealing with prior authorizations, tools for providing financial assistance, URAC, etc.

A big opportunity for pharmacy techs!

Source: https://www.salary.com/research/salary/benchmark/specialty-pharmacy-technician-salary

Hundreds of thousands of pharmacy techs get maxed out for pays in community/institutional pharmacies after years of service. They get fatigued due to the increased stress and monotony. Specialty Pharmacy provides a great opportunity to all pharmacy technicians-whether experienced or inexperienced. Simply put-this is the way to go!

Some of the highlights of a Pharmacy tech job in a Specialty pharmacy:

  1. Completely relaxed set up with focus on patient care
  2. High quality environment within health systems
  3. Increased awareness of healthcare system, opening up opportunities in other areas of high growth
  4. Directly involved in resolving prior authorizations, financial assistance and drug deliveries
  5. Sense of accomplishments every day provides the much needed cheer and job satisfction- Rewarding experience due to patient satisfaction and recognition by managers
  6. Increased pay and constant growth


Get the first ever Certification as Specialty Pharmacy Tech and gain an edge over your peers. Fill out the following contact form and I will personally call you to enroll you for this course.

Enrollment: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13aIeaKHxAn8trM5_buxVbwSqez3KoKmlA-EWgAKhO0c/edit

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