Counseling points for Diabetes management

People with diabetes need a lot of discipline in terms of diet, exercise and adherence to their medications. Not having a good balance of any one of these can complicate the disease and may lead to severe consequences. So as a healthcare provider and a certified diabetes education, I present the following tips helpful forContinue reading “Counseling points for Diabetes management”

Mental disorders- a wake up call!

It’s okay to talk about it- please don’t gossip! Back in the days, a person mumbling to himself or herself or depressed or schizophrenic or even having bed-wetting (nocturnal enuresis) problem used to become a subject of gossip or sympathy. And that person had to deal with embarrassment on a day to day life. SeveralContinue reading “Mental disorders- a wake up call!”

Epidemics of Preventable diseases???

Get immunized or hospitalized, your choice! So! It took the great Big B to campaign against Polio and now India is literally Polio free. But that’s just one disease. What about children still being hospitalized for FLU, pneumonia, tetanus, diphtheria, meningitis? What about adults and elderly who cough up to death? Who to blame? PeopleContinue reading “Epidemics of Preventable diseases???”

Health care, Seriously!!!

“A bitter pill to swallow” I am a vital part of the healthcare system of America and we often blame the system for so many things and rightly so! Talking about the Medicare coverage gap, deductibles and coinsurances, restrictions of choices of doctors, access of primary care and the inflated costs of medical care asContinue reading “Health care, Seriously!!!”

Drug operated society: Humans or guineapigs!

‘Performance-enhancing drugs have become the key to bulging biceps and on-screen six-packs, as the pressure for stars to shape up fast leads actors (but not “Man of Steel’s” Henry Cavill, who bulked up naturally) to opt for a “shortcut.”’ Source: Decades ago, when people faced some psychological problems, performance issues or other minor healthContinue reading “Drug operated society: Humans or guineapigs!”