Virus- a secret satan!

Source: H Shaw/Unsplash Watch the following video clip in which leading scientists tell CNN that it’s possible that Corona virus has not just come to humans months ago from bats but it might have come decades ago! Amazing, isn’t it! Viruses are so dynamic and notorious. They have been in humans trying toContinue reading “Virus- a secret satan!”

COVID-19- Do we have treatments: evidence-based vs randomized trials?

(STOP HOARDING MEDICINES) Lately, there has been a lot of excitement about Lopinavir-Ritonavir, Hydroxychloroquine and other treatments. Surprisingly, people are starting to hoard these medicines, especially HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) since it’s so cheaply available in pharmacies with a prescription. I do not understand why are doctors freely writing HCQ prescriptions for their known friends, families andContinue reading “COVID-19- Do we have treatments: evidence-based vs randomized trials?”

Financial hardship:one of the causes of non-adherence

Being financially healthy keeps you healthy! It may sound mean but analyzing the health care of our country really proves the point. Working as a pharmacists, we know how many people chose not to buy their medications just because they couldn’t afford their copays. In most cases, the copays are around $5 to $100. ButContinue reading “Financial hardship:one of the causes of non-adherence”

Use of CGM and control on diabetes

Imagine a patient who needs to check his/her sugar 10-12 times a day. To do this, patient has to carry the testing supplies with them at school or at work. Patients have to prick themselves multiple times, log their readings and then make adjustments on their insulin doses based on the readings. For type IContinue reading “Use of CGM and control on diabetes”

Colchicine… a new aspirin!

A recent article from Medscape says that colchicine, being a very good anti-inflammatory drug helps reduce atherosclerosis and thus heart attacks. It’s believed that atherosclerosis is an oxidative process where arteries are blocked to the formation of plaques or blocks due to inflammatory mediators (obesity is linked to inflammatory conditions). Aspirin has been helping patientsContinue reading “Colchicine… a new aspirin!”

Drought of antibiotics

(Beware of this epidemic) There was a time when people died of common bacterial infections. As decades and centuries past by, treatments became so easy. It feels like modern science has answers to all known infections. Then suddenly now, we have dragged ourselves to a horrific situation of “Drug Resistance”! In today’s world, people wantContinue reading “Drought of antibiotics”

Medicare: A,B,C,D!

(It truly is about learning A,B,C,D…..) With the introduction of Medicare Part D in 2006, we had four letters to remember A,B,C,D. To most seniors and people eligible for Medicare, it’s still a confusion. All they know is: “I have Medicare”. In markets like south florida, most people are not aware of the 4 alphabets.Continue reading “Medicare: A,B,C,D!”

Digital mentor: Positive outcomes

(Technology making a difference) What a wonderful time we live in! All answers are right at your fingertips. There is hardly anything that’s a secret nowadays. Any layman who is savvy with his smart phone can get information about anything. I wonder how did we manage getting information about a decade ago. For purposes otherContinue reading “Digital mentor: Positive outcomes”