Post Corona: What would it be like!

Source: Laura Chouette/ Unsplash

It’s fair to say that Corona virus has set “new normals” for the world. At this moment, the entire world is trying to control the spread and working hard to invent treatments and vaccines. “What would it be like” is not exactly the priority for the moment!

As it has been said by scientists around the world that this unprecedented pandemic is not a one time thing like the West Nile virus or the mad cow’s disease or the H1N1 or even the SARS. This one will be around for a while or may be even seasonal, like Influenza. So, unless, vaccines are good enough, it’s gonna be social distancing throughout!

Once cases are suppressed, it may allow some measures to be lifted for a while – until cases rise and another round of restrictions are needed. Doing this could, unintentionally, lead to herd immunity as more and more people were to be infected.

Fun and entertainment

Imagine Disney world admits only one-tenth Of the number of people in the park and increase the entrance charge multiple fold. Imagine people for rides are 6 feet apart. Imagine the carts for rides are so far from each other and no two people can sit together!

Imagine a movie theater! 5 vacant seats between 2 people! Movie tickets might be so unaffordable! Only the rich might go to movie theaters.

And what about beaches! Probably banned for public. What about cruises and flights! And the list goes on and on!

Home might be our real and virtual world! Amazon prime and Netflix might be our only entertainment sources. Our backyards and swimming pools might be our only getaways and resorts. I hope sports be played the same way except the spectators separated on the stands or may be no spectators! Hopefully, none of the above imaginations come true. We would love to have our “normals” back and not to deal with “new normals”.

Nature’s reset

Everything has a limit and must be realized! Like in calculus, limit of a function is still determined even if “x tends to infinity”. Some religious beliefs and philosophies say that nature decided to limit our ever multiplying desires and unfriendliness towards our own earth. This pandemic might just be an indication that whenever we try to abuse mother nature’s liberties, we will have to pay some consequences.

So much consumption of everything in terms of food, clothes, travel, gadgets, etc., so much greed for money, so much materialism, so much self- centered interests, so much lack of love and respect for each other. These are only some of the vices of the modern society that nature might want to reset!

Here is a section from an article relating to overconsumption of meat and epidemics:

“Some experts have hypothesized that the novel coronavirus made the jump from animals to humans in China’s wet markets, just like SARS before it. Unsurprisingly, many people are furious that the markets, which were closed in the immediate wake of the outbreak in China, are already reopening. It’s easy to point the finger at these “foreign” places and blame them for generating pandemics. But doing that ignores one crucial fact: The way people eat all around the world — including in the US — is a major risk factor for pandemics, too.”

“That’s because we eat a ton of meat, and the vast majority of it comes from factory farms. In these huge industrialized facilities that supply more than 90 percent of meat globally — and around 99 percent of America’s meat — animals are tightly packed together and live under harsh and unsanitary conditions.”

Thousands of lives are lost, millions of people are having difficult times! But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Lives will not return but some losses will be reversed. A lesson learnt hopefully will be remembered so more lives will not be lost in future!

Ending on a positive note

Yes, our lives are stressed out thinking about the pandemic. The virus is scaring almost everyone. Fears are leading to mental problems. Financial problems are mounting day by day. Arranging food has become a challenge. Maintaining enough cleaning supplies at home has become a daily task.

But to wrap it up, think about the little positives. Enjoy those little family moments. We have all the time to play with our kids, talk to them, give them the time for their activities, build that rapport with our teenagers, grow relationships with our loved ones.

Together, we will fight this out! Let’s all be one in this battle against the CoVID-19!

Source: Phillip Goldsberry/Unsplash

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