Corona- Test of leadership

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Wow! A small bug can turn the world upside down. There is a popular Bollywood movie dialogue, “ek machhar admi ko hijda bana deta hai”. It’s been pretty much like that. Right from shops, departmental stores, factories, offices, sports arenas and guess what….IPL is shut down too! Although I am sounding a bit disappointing but believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. And to get to that light, social distancing is the only way! We need to work together as teams, societies and nations to protect against this darkness. I am sure, eventually, we will win.

Companies to nations

A lot of companies have helped their employees stay safe by enforcing social distancing measures and providing PPEs at work. People with likely exposures or positive symptoms are allowed to stay home with getting full pays. Governments are pouring in money to accomplish this. America gave us stimulus money to their citizens to help them stay home and not be deprived of basic necessities.

All of the above is fine, but the situation is so tensed and it’s definitely testing the leadership across the globe. Leaders around the world have been working their strategies to fight out Corona. Some nations are criticized for not implementing strict lock downs. People were still gathering on beaches, parks and other public places. Some leaders were criticized for implement it too far and so much that people from different states got stuck in remote places and can’t even go back home. A lot of people have lost jobs and even though governments are providing them some relief, they are still not able to make ends meet.

Some leaders decided to keep their businesses open in the name of essentials where as some essential businesses decided to reduce their hours. We, as humans, are critical about everything and that’s normal! But at the end of the day, we must look at the bigger picture, hold on with a lot of patience and follow guidance from our leaders. Some things might make sense, some might not. But, to put a fight against an unknown enemy, isn’t it critical to stand together and be unified! As we read news, we do realize that the entire world is united!

India shows her resilience!

Modi has not only brought India together, except a couple of mishaps, but has influenced other nations by his resilience against COVID-19!


All of the SAARC nations (except Pakistan), Japan, Israel, Australia, Germany supported India’s call to show solidarity and one-ness! This was, to me, a pinnacle of leadership!

Continue social distancing, stay safe and stay united!

Your comments and feedbacks are truly appreciated!

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