Plastic a grown threat!

(Is it too late to reverse the damage! Reduce rather than recycle. Recycle rather than trash.)

Tanvi Sharma: Unsplash

If we don’t act now, literally now, then even God cannot save us! Do we realize the damage we do to our environment every day of our normal life? I am going to focus this discussion on bottled water.

How casually do we drink water from a plastic bottle and toss it away anywhere? Look at the picture above! Isn’t there anything wrong or alarming with this situation? Landfills are getting fuller. One of the studies indicate that US has 58 years to not worry before they have to build additional facilities for landfills. Besides, plastic being not a biodegradable item or a very slow decomposing substance (takes about 1000 years to decompose), it’s actually contaminating our oceans and marine life. This has resulted in deaths of lot of marine life which in turn has affected the ecosystem.

Although, the modern ways of destroying or burning trash have revolutionized the whole aspect of pollution or environmental harm, there is a significant concern over consistency of these processes across the globe. In countries like US, the methane and other poisonous gases released are symphoned over to generate energy. This is great! But what about other countries! It’s a huge concern when it comes to resources and initiatives from a lot of other countries.

Recycling sounded like a solution for the last couple decades. Millions of Americans have been doing their due diligence in filling their recycling bins but recent studies have suggested that recycling of plastic or glass doesn’t make too much sense and that they would rather be disposed in trash! Sounds demoralizing right? Especially, common citizens like us, who have been thinking about this whole environmental damage and what will our generations go through! Some movies have shown how scary our future could be!

Recycling glass and plastic can actually be more cumbersome considering the economics. Plus the enormous quantity of water needed to clean up plastic and glass before they can be sold is worth considering! If glass bottles break, they can actually spoil the other good recyclable stuff, so then nothing renders recyclable.

China is a big factor in changing economics of recycling. China used to be the biggest importer of global recyclable goods. But now with the new trade situation, it’s not the same. Recycling goods cannot be sold at as cheap price as it was to China. Plus, studies have shown that China hasn’t dealt with plastic well and eventually plastic has ended up in our oceans.

As per this article,

“China’s ban may actually reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the oceans,” he told NPR’s Planet Money podcast. “China was not very careful about what got into their oceans for a long period of time, and if some of the plastic piles were just too corrupted they could do whatever they wanted with it.”

Water- a natural resource! Why sell?

Markus Spiske: Unsplash

How did companies start selling water? It’s a free resource to mankind. God would be wondering too about this! Lol! There are people in so many parts of the world that don’t get clean drinking water and people are selling it in bottles. Here is something to make note of that says that bottles of fwater is no better than our tap water. Actually tap water goes through some regulations and checks that bottled water doesn’t!


15 Outrageous Facts About The Bottled Water Industry. “

“Water used to be free.

In fact, it still is — at least in nations blessed with plentiful clean tap water like the U.S. — but that doesn’t stop the world from spending over $100 billion on bottled water a year.” Continue reading…..

Final word: Please use your reusable bottle for carrying drinking water. Do not buy bottled water for two reasons: a) It’s supposed to be free. b) Prevents irreversible damage to the environment. C) Do not use disposables at home.


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