Colchicine… a new aspirin!


A recent article from Medscape says that colchicine, being a very good anti-inflammatory drug helps reduce atherosclerosis and thus heart attacks. It’s believed that atherosclerosis is an oxidative process where arteries are blocked to the formation of plaques or blocks due to inflammatory mediators (obesity is linked to inflammatory conditions). Aspirin has been helping patients to reduce atherosclerosis by reducing platelet aggregation.

“Colchicine is a potent anti-inflammatory drug, and there is an accumulation of data suggesting that inflammation is relevant to the progression of atherosclerosis. The COLCOT study included 4745 patients who were recruited within 30 days of their MI. They all received two antiplatelet agents and a statin, and they underwent angioplastyif necessary. Then they were assigned colchicine at a low dose of 0.5 mg/day or placebo. The average follow-up was 23 months, and we found a 23% reduction in the primary efficacy outcome, which was the combination of cardiovascular death, resuscitated cardiac arrest, MI, stroke, or urgent hospitalization for angina requiring revascularization.”


The anti platelet effect of aspirin can be inhibited by NSAIDs so it’s important that NSAIDs be taken at least an hour administering aspirin. And consult your doctor if you take any NSAIDs. NSAIDs are not recommended for a longer term or regular basis. I wonder what’s the correlation between anti-platelet drugs and anti-sclerotic drugs like Colchicine.

Plaques in the blood vessels rupture over time and that’s how platelets flock in to clot the blood at the damaged area. So, I guess, colchicine, being a non- NSAID anti-inflammatory drug offers a pretty good option for CV patients, especially for the ones who also suffer from Gout. If no plaques, no platelets. I am pretty sure more studies on colchicine as a CV drug will enlighten all of us about pros and cons, risk-benefit and other facts.

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