About us

As a health care provider, my goal is to keep everybody healthy and happy. I feel privileged when I help a patient overcome a sickness with my recommendation. I feel proud when I help a patient stay adherent on his/her diabetes medications by recommending some tools to remind them take their medications daily. I feel humbled when I make some interventions to prevent some life threatening drug interactions or adverse drug/food events and protect patients.

Today pharmacists are placed uniquely amidst the vast, spread out healthcare sector. For a typical patient, pharmacist offers the solutions to not only help with their prescriptions, but also with access in terms of affordability, connecting them with prescribers, enabling them the access to resources from manufacturers, counseling them for side effects, drug/ food interactions, coaching them on adherence, etc, etc.

The goal of “Pharmacist4U” blog channel is to reach out millions of patients out there who may have some questions or concerns regarding their treatments, medications, costs or resources for help. I promise you the best solution or resolution through my blogs. If needed, a personal consultation can also be arranged to provide my readers with the help they need.

On a humorous note, I would also like to share some of the experiences a pharmacist goes through on his/her daily life. Enjoy those experiences and laugh.